Impact AWARE™ Polylana® knitted scarf 180 x 25cm Accesorii
Elevate your everyday fashion & show off your style with this beautiful 4 ply knitted scarf. Whether you're heading to work, on your mid-day stroll, or enjoying a casual day, stay fashionable, cozy &...
17,90 EUR
15,04 EUR (fara TVA)
Elles AWARE™ Polylana® scarf 180x30cm Accesorii
Add a touch of style and comfort to your daily outfits with this beautiful scarf. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out or a work meeting, this scarf will keep you warm and stylish....
12,00 EUR
10,08 EUR (fara TVA)
RPET sport towel in pouch Accesorii
RPET Sport towel in RPET string pouch. The towel is made out of 50% recycled PET and 50% polyester. The pouch is 90% made out recycled PET and 10% PU. Perfect for after sport and other intense...
3,46 EUR
2,91 EUR (fara TVA)
Foldable beach lounge chair Accesorii
Lightweight and portable, this lounge chair made of 600D polyester stretches out, allowing you to lounge back with the sturdy metal frame making for a comfy backrest. A zippered pouch at the back...
29,90 EUR
25,13 EUR (fara TVA)
Multifunctional scarf Accesorii
This one size multifunctional scarf can be worn in multiple ways. Use the scarf, for example, as a face cover when going outside and avoid your hand touching your mouth and nose. Also reduce the...
2,24 EUR
1,88 EUR (fara TVA)