PLATTE. Touch screen tablet pouch 9'7'' Alte Accesorii
Waterproof bag for tablets up to 9'7” in PVC. It allows the user to interact with the screen from the outside. The loop on top of this bag makes it easy to carry. 215 x 329 mm
0,96 EUR
0,81 EUR (fara TVA)
YATES. Bicycle case Alte Accesorii
Bicycle case with 3 adjustable straps in 600D. 230 x 200 x 60 mm
3,79 EUR
3,18 EUR (fara TVA)
PARANA. Sunshade Alte Accesorii
210T reclining beach umbrella with silver lining. Supplied in pouch with handle. ø1400 mm | 1600 mm | Pouch: 1010 x 110 mm
15,44 EUR
12,97 EUR (fara TVA)