Cleaner MIST Auto
Computer cleaner MIST is a product that lets you clean your computer screen without any problem. A special antistatic liquid will remove dust and any other dirtyness, moreover the cleaned screen will...
4,33 EUR
3,64 EUR (fara TVA)
Ice scraper GLACE Auto
Ice scraper with 3 various endings – flat, rubber and serrated. Made of non-transparent plastic.
0,68 EUR
0,57 EUR (fara TVA)
Car phone holder MAGSO Auto
Thanks to the MAGSO holder, the phone in the car is always at hand. The innovative holder ensures stable installation in the car’s ventilation grille. The relatively strong magnet holds the phone or...
3,65 EUR
3,07 EUR (fara TVA)
Car phone holder VENT Auto
That is the best example that simple gadget really can ease your life. VENT is a mobile phone holder that can be attached to vent grill in a car. Thanks to adjustible width it is possible to fit in...
1,02 EUR
0,86 EUR (fara TVA)