Aspen roller clip Brelocuri
Keep you badges or keys safe and at hand at all times.
0,74 EUR
0,62 EUR (fara TVA)
Orlene round keychain Brelocuri
Hand polished round key chain with high gloss finish. Including black gift box.
1,41 EUR
1,18 EUR (fara TVA)
Sergio rectangular metal keychain Brelocuri
Timeless metal key chain. Including black gift box.
1,66 EUR
1,39 EUR (fara TVA)
Trolley coin holder keychain Brelocuri
Trolley coin holder keychain. 1 euro sized coin with Ø 6 mm hole and holder, ideal for a supermarket shopping trolley. Includes a black gift box. Zinc alloy.
2,48 EUR
2,08 EUR (fara TVA)
Timor carabiner keychain Brelocuri
The Timor carabiner keychain is very handy since it can be attached to a backpack. It is made of lightweight and strong aluminium and has a striking metallic finish. Timor offers various options for...
0,45 EUR
0,38 EUR (fara TVA)
Omar rectangular keychain Brelocuri
Classic keychain with hidden closure. Including black gift box.
2,83 EUR
2,38 EUR (fara TVA)
Cool round stress reliever Brelocuri
Bounce, throw or squeeze this round stress ball. Stress relievers vary slightly in density, colour, size and weight due to mold process which may prevent precise and uniform imprint. Imprint may...
1,01 EUR
0,85 EUR (fara TVA)
HELLI. Keyring with bottle opener Brelocuri
Metal keyring with bottle opener. 22 x 42 x 9 mm
1,38 EUR
1,16 EUR (fara TVA)
RINGBOLT. Metal keyring Brelocuri
Metal keyring with indent for doming. Features a bottle opener and a carabiner. Supplied in a gift box. 29 x 52 x 4 mm
1,90 EUR
1,60 EUR (fara TVA)
BLAKE. Metal keyring Brelocuri
Metal keyring with bottle opener. Indent provided for doming. Supplied in a non-woven bag. 36 x 67 x 3 mm | Pouch: 60 x 100 mm
1,75 EUR
1,47 EUR (fara TVA)
WAGONER. Metal keyring Brelocuri
Truck-shaped metal keyring. Supplied in a gift box. 26 x 71 x 3 mm
1,90 EUR
1,60 EUR (fara TVA)
FIDO. Metal keyring Brelocuri
Coin-shaped metal keyring. 23 x 80 mm
0,62 EUR
0,52 EUR (fara TVA)
ULRICH. Metal keyring Brelocuri
House-shaped metal keyring. Supplied in a gift box. 49 x 36 x 3 mm
1,56 EUR
1,31 EUR (fara TVA)
BAITT. Keyring with bottle opener Brelocuri
Aluminium keyring with bottle opener. 11 x 60 x 15 mm
0,29 EUR
0,24 EUR (fara TVA)
MATTHEW. Aluminium carabiner Brelocuri
Aluminium carabiner, with keyring and flat area for customisation. Not suitable for climbing. 32 x 57 x 5 mm
0,39 EUR
0,33 EUR (fara TVA)
Breloc lanternă aluminiu Brelocuri
Breloc din aluminiu și ABS cu lanternă. Se personalizează prin gravură și va permite luminarea logoului. Include 4 baterii tip LR44 .
3,30 EUR
2,77 EUR (fara TVA)
Desfăcător cheie fixă Brelocuri
Desfăcător de dopuri în formă de cheie fixă.
2,68 EUR
2,25 EUR (fara TVA)
Breloc metalic/ formă camion Brelocuri
Breloc metalic în formă de camion în cutie din carton.
2,49 EUR
2,09 EUR (fara TVA)
Breloc metalic Brelocuri
Breloc din aliaj de zinc cu decorațiune glob în cutie din carton.
2,38 EUR
2,00 EUR (fara TVA)
Breloc pătrat, clasic, metal Brelocuri
Breloc pătrat, clasic, din aliaj de zinc, ambalat individual în cutie.
1,98 EUR
1,66 EUR (fara TVA)
Breloc din aluminiu reciclat Brelocuri
Deschizător de sticle cu breloc din aluminiu reciclat, finisaj lucios.
0,34 EUR
0,29 EUR (fara TVA)
Lanternă plastic, logo luminos Brelocuri
Breloc cu lanternă LED în carcasă ABS cu șnur. 3 baterii AG3 incluse. Corpul include o sursă de lumină care iluminează logo-ul gravat.
0,90 EUR
0,76 EUR (fara TVA)
Lanternă aluminiu cu breloc Brelocuri
Mini-lanternă din aluminiu cu breloc şi 1 LED de lumină. 4 baterii de tip LR44 incluse.
1,70 EUR
1,43 EUR (fara TVA)