CHOCOA Bucatarie
chocolate fondue + 4 forks
8,40 (fara TVA)
10,00 (TVA inclus)
6-part set of alcohol glasses with colorful decoration 60 ml
11,80 (fara TVA)
14,04 (TVA inclus)
LERY Bucatarie
3 piece outdoor cutlery set
6,60 (fara TVA)
7,85 (TVA inclus)
Element 3-piece knife set
Element 3-piece knife set Bucatarie
Element 3-piece knife set. Exclusive Marksman design knife set. This set...
34,50 (fara TVA)
41,05 (TVA inclus)
Element cutting board and chef's knife
Element cutting board and chef's knife Bucatarie
Element cutting board and chef's knife. A basic set for preparing food in...
50,74 (fara TVA)
60,38 (TVA inclus)
Carafe Bucatarie
Carafe. Environmentally responsible carafe made of 100% recycled glass...
13,20 (fara TVA)
15,71 (TVA inclus)
Main cutting board
Main cutting board Bucatarie
Main cutting board. Bamboo cutting board to easily chop vegetables, meats...
4,97 (fara TVA)
5,91 (TVA inclus)
stoc epuizat
Main pepper and salt grinder
Main pepper and salt grinder Bucatarie
Main pepper and salt grinder. Dual grinder for pepper and salt. Peppercorn...
4,97 (fara TVA)
5,91 (TVA inclus)
Main 3-piece knife set
Main 3-piece knife set Bucatarie
Main 3-piece knife set. Three piece knife set includes a chef's knife,...
8,11 (fara TVA)
9,65 (TVA inclus)
Noyack grilling mitt
Noyack grilling mitt Bucatarie
Noyack grilling mitt. The mitt's long length makes it perfect for cooking...
9,14 (fara TVA)
10,88 (TVA inclus)
stoc epuizat
Phoenix packable fleece blanket
Phoenix packable fleece blanket Bucatarie
Phoenix packable fleece blanket. This warm packable fleece blanket is...
14,19 (fara TVA)
16,89 (TVA inclus)
Bay blanket
Bay blanket Bucatarie
Bay blanket. This extra soft plush blanket is perfect to cuddle up with....
15,74 (fara TVA)
18,73 (TVA inclus)
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