Cani si cesti, No.1 Bamboo Edition

Double-walled glass Zakopane
Double-walled glass Zakopane Cani si cesti
Double-walled glass with a 500ml filling capacity and bamboo lid.
8,18 EUR (fara taxe)
9,74 EUR (taxe incluse)
Cup Cattolica
Cup Cattolica Cani si cesti
Elegant mug made of glass.
1,71 EUR (fara taxe)
2,04 EUR (taxe incluse)
Cup Thessaloniki
Cup Thessaloniki Cani si cesti
Ruberrized ceramic mug with colored outside.
3,74 EUR (fara taxe)
4,45 EUR (taxe incluse)
Sublimation coffee mug
Sublimation coffee mug Cani si cesti
Sublimation coffee mug for allover print in extra quality. Dishwashers...
2,54 EUR (fara taxe)
3,02 EUR (taxe incluse)
Plastic glass St. Tropez
Plastic glass St. Tropez Cani si cesti
Nicely shaped drinking glass made of PET with a 450 ml filling capacity....
2,83 EUR (fara taxe)
3,37 EUR (taxe incluse)
Double-walled glass cup Gerthe
Double-walled glass cup Gerthe Cani si cesti
Eco friendly double-walled glass cup with 350 ml capacity and bamboo lid.
9,83 EUR (fara taxe)
11,70 EUR (taxe incluse)
Glass mug Limerick
Glass mug Limerick Cani si cesti
Elegant mug with handle, made of glass.
1,53 EUR (fara taxe)
1,82 EUR (taxe incluse)
Mug with saucerplate St.Moritz
Mug with saucerplate St.Moritz Cani si cesti
Ceramic mug with fitting saucer plate packed into a nice box. Capacity 300...
3,12 EUR (fara taxe)
3,71 EUR (taxe incluse)
Ceramic mug Monza
Ceramic mug Monza Cani si cesti
One for all! Classic ceramic mug with 300 ml capacity.
1,73 EUR (fara taxe)
2,06 EUR (taxe incluse)
Sublimation mug Montevideo
Sublimation mug Montevideo Cani si cesti
This fancy colourful lacquered ceramic mug (300ml) offers the perfect...
2,13 EUR (fara taxe)
2,54 EUR (taxe incluse)
Glass coffee mug Genova
Glass coffee mug Genova Cani si cesti
Trendy transparently frosted design, capacity of approx. 300 ml will make...
1,56 EUR (fara taxe)
1,86 EUR (taxe incluse)
Mug Bellevue
Mug Bellevue Cani si cesti
White ceramic mug with 350 ml capacity. The mug is specially designed to...
1,97 EUR (fara taxe)
2,35 EUR (taxe incluse)
Ceramic mug Martinez
Ceramic mug Martinez Cani si cesti
Great ceramic mug with a capacity of 300ml, colored exterior.
2,92 EUR (fara taxe)
3,47 EUR (taxe incluse)
Ceramic mug Lockport
Ceramic mug Lockport Cani si cesti
The 300 ml ceramic mug in many colors with a colorful interior.
2,38 EUR (fara taxe)
2,83 EUR (taxe incluse)
Ceramic mug Lissabon
Ceramic mug Lissabon Cani si cesti
Classic coffee mug with 300ml capacity - made out of shiny ceramic. You...
2,54 EUR (fara taxe)
3,02 EUR (taxe incluse)
Colour-changing mug Sirmione
Colour-changing mug Sirmione Cani si cesti
Impress your customers with this unique sublimation mug (300ml). The...
3,82 EUR (fara taxe)
4,55 EUR (taxe incluse)
Sublimation mug Estrella
Sublimation mug Estrella Cani si cesti
Neon coloured mug that gets the attention of everybody. Sublimation is...
2,76 EUR (fara taxe)
3,28 EUR (taxe incluse)
Sublimation mug Poznan
Sublimation mug Poznan Cani si cesti
Classic coffee mug in a metallic finish with a 300ml capacity. The color...
3,08 EUR (fara taxe)
3,66 EUR (taxe incluse)
Coffee mug Antwerpen
Coffee mug Antwerpen Cani si cesti
Nice shaped ceramic mug . Capacity 300ml.
2,13 EUR (fara taxe)
2,54 EUR (taxe incluse)
Drinking glass Treviso
Drinking glass Treviso Cani si cesti
Glas jug (450 ml) with metal screw top and straw hole (straw is not...
2,01 EUR (fara taxe)
2,39 EUR (taxe incluse)
Ceramic mug Savannah
Ceramic mug Savannah Cani si cesti
Ceramic mug (300ml capacity) with integrated spoon in the handle. Spoon...
2,67 EUR (fara taxe)
3,18 EUR (taxe incluse)
Coffee mug Palermo
Coffee mug Palermo Cani si cesti
The interior colour of the cup (250ml) matches the spoon. Single packed in...
2,67 EUR (fara taxe)
3,18 EUR (taxe incluse)
Mug La Mata
Mug La Mata Cani si cesti
Coffee 2 go! With the porcelain mug (200ml) you can enjoy your coffee...
4,67 EUR (fara taxe)
5,56 EUR (taxe incluse)