Mug VIDA 400ml Cani termoizolante
A stylish mug with a capacity of 400 ml. Whole mug is made of plastic. It has a silicon grip which makes it easy to hold, prevents from overheating and provides a non-slip bottom. Marking can be made...
2,27 EUR
1,91 EUR (fara TVA)
Mug CAMP 250 ml Cani termoizolante
A very practical colourful mug perfect for any trip. The mugs capacity is 250 ml, it's enough for a warm drink or instant soup. Double walls grants good isolation so you won't burn your hand when...
7,10 EUR
5,97 EUR (fara TVA)
Travel mug STAR 350 ml Cani termoizolante
STAR thermal mug is a great combination of convenience and usability. The mug with a simple design equipped with a lock closure will prevent accidental opening of the mouthpiece. The 350 ml capacity...
12,72 EUR
10,69 EUR (fara TVA)
Zicox Cani termoizolante
Cană termoizolantă din oțel inoxidabil cu înveliș din plastic, perete dublu, 400 ml.
4,81 EUR
4,04 EUR (fara TVA)
Geometric mug Cani termoizolante
Fashionable stainless steel tumbler with geometric details. Inner body is made out of plastic. Handwash only. Content 300ml.
5,46 EUR
4,59 EUR (fara TVA)
ECO Bamboo fibre coffee cup Cani termoizolante
Made from naturally grown organic bamboo fibre. With silicon lid and grip. Free from any harmful synthetic material. Reusable and highly durable. Content 270 ml. Be careful with hot drinks, heat...
4,62 EUR
3,88 EUR (fara TVA)
Modern double wall tumbler Cani termoizolante
Double wall tumbler. PP inner and outer 201 stainless steel. With trendy transparent slide to open lid and anti slip on the bottom. Spill proof and hand washable. Content: 590ml. Packed in giftbox.
4,62 EUR
3,88 EUR (fara TVA)
Copper vacuum insulated tumbler Cani termoizolante
This 304 stainless steel tumbler has a double-wall vacuum construction with copper insulation which means it keeps drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours. The construction prevents condensation...
14,81 EUR
12,45 EUR (fara TVA)
Geometric coffee tumbler Cani termoizolante
Double wall stainless steel mug with PP lid and handle. Capacity 200 ml.
8,59 EUR
7,22 EUR (fara TVA)
Easy lock vacuum mug Cani termoizolante
Double wall stainless steel vacuum mug that keeps your drink warm for up to 5 hours or cool up to 15 hours. The lid is lockable and therefore avoids any risk of leaking or spilling. The lid is easy...
11,69 EUR
9,82 EUR (fara TVA)
Pop mug Cani termoizolante
Pop is a fresh looking double wall plastic mug with frosted outside and sliding lid. 275ml content. Registered design®
4,84 EUR
4,07 EUR (fara TVA)
ECO PLA coffee cup Cani termoizolante
Sustainable 350ml tumbler with silicone grip and lid. Manufactured from 100% plant material (PLA). BPA free and dishwasher proof.
8,34 EUR
7,01 EUR (fara TVA)
Leak proof tumbler Cani termoizolante
350ml stainless steel outside and PP inside tumbler with screw on lid and unique push button closure to prevent spilling. Suitable for single hand operation. Registered design®
11,30 EUR
9,50 EUR (fara TVA)
Auto leak proof tumbler Cani termoizolante
Auto is a 300ml tumbler with black PP coating and an innovative push system which allows you to control it with only one hand. Ideal for in the car. Registered design®
11,89 EUR
9,99 EUR (fara TVA)
Leakproof tumbler easy Cani termoizolante
400ml AS outside and PP inside tumbler with screw on drinking lid and unique push button closure to avoid spilling.
4,76 EUR
4,00 EUR (fara TVA)
Highland mug Cani termoizolante
350ml double wall stainless steel mug with ABS rim, handle and lid.
9,69 EUR
8,14 EUR (fara TVA)
Stainless steel mug Cani termoizolante
350ml stainless steel outside and PP inside mug with lid and base in black.
4,03 EUR
3,39 EUR (fara TVA)