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Ball pen CIDO
Ball pen CIDO Pixuri din plastic
CIDO is a pen made of plastic with rubberized surface. Black finish. The...
0,26 € (fara taxe)
0,31 € (taxe incluse)
Notebook NUBOOK A5
Notebook NUBOOK A5 Notes-uri
Exceptional A5 notepad manufactured in the European Union of an innovative...
11,26 € (fara taxe)
13,40 € (taxe incluse)
Touch pen NIRO
Touch pen NIRO Pixuri din plastic
NIRO is a pen with a unique marking effect. Engraving colour is similar to...
0,66 € (fara taxe)
0,79 € (taxe incluse)
Touch pen BIANCO
Touch pen BIANCO Pixuri din plastic
BIANCO is a pen that surprises with the marking effect. Engraving colour...
0,62 € (fara taxe)
0,74 € (taxe incluse)
Ball pen FULMO
Ball pen FULMO Pixuri din plastic
FULMO is a simple and attractive pen with metallic finish. The grip has...
0,49 € (fara taxe)
0,58 € (taxe incluse)
PETRELLI. Cup Cani si cesti
Rice fiber and PP cup with capacity up to 400 ml. ø88 x 102 mm
0,85 € (fara taxe)
1,01 € (taxe incluse)
Ball pen KALIPSO
Ball pen KALIPSO Pixuri din plastic
Popular metal ball pen with a metalized surface. It's an automatic ball...
0,38 € (fara taxe)
0,45 € (taxe incluse)
Agendă PU cu 96 de pagini
Agendă PU cu 96 de pagini Agende
Carnet A6 din PU cu 96 de pagini albe. Închidere cu elastic.
1,22 € (fara taxe)
1,45 € (taxe incluse)
Travel mug SUCK 450 ml
Travel mug SUCK 450 ml Cani termoizolante
A mug SUCK is a trully innovative gadget, it has a specialy design suck...
9,97 € (fara taxe)
11,87 € (taxe incluse)
X8 smooth touch pen
X8 smooth touch pen Multifunctionale
A new sophisticated member of the X pen family featuring a new look with a...
0,50 € (fara taxe)
0,60 € (taxe incluse)
Power bank FINO 4000 mAh
Power bank FINO 4000 mAh Powerbank - Baterii externe
FINO power bank is a well-designed product with a capacity of 4000 mAh,...
25,85 € (fara taxe)
30,76 € (taxe incluse)
Umbrella SAMER
Umbrella SAMER Umbrele
Folded, manual umbrella with a pouch and a handle-strap.Polyester 190T.
3,47 € (fara taxe)
4,13 € (taxe incluse)
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