Descoperă gama noastră de materiale promotionale personalizate pentru firme. Promo Spot Advertising îți oferă soluții creative și eficiente pentru promovarea brandului tău. De la tricouri și pixuri personalizate, la agende și obiecte de birou, avem tot ce ai nevoie pentru a-ți consolida identitatea de brand și a atrage atenția publicului țintă. Fie că vrei să distribuiți materiale promoționale la evenimente sau să le oferiți clienților fideli, produsele noastre de calitate sunt create pentru a transmite mesajul tău într-un mod memorabil și profesional. Investește în succesul afacerii tale cu materiale promotionale personalizate de la Promo Spot Advertising.

Ontario 5W wireless charger with speaker Audio
Update your desk with this super convenient wireless charger. Made out of ABS and 100% natural bamboo, this wireless charger has an integrated speaker and integrates perfectly on your desk or your...
45,56 EUR
38,29 EUR (fara TVA)
Air 5W wireless charging notebook with 5000mAh powerbank Incarcatoare wireless
This notebook cover allows you to have your meetings in style. The front cover has a wireless charging pad for your smartphone. (Android latest generations, iPhone 8 and up). Older phones and tablets...
60,00 EUR
50,42 EUR (fara TVA)
A5 Bamboo notebook & pen set Agende
This beautiful bamboo notebook is made out of sustainable bamboo with 90 sheets/180 pages of 70 gsm recycled paper. The set includes a bamboo ballpen in a kraft gift box.
8,34 EUR
7,01 EUR (fara TVA)
Swiss peak 5W wireless bass speaker Audio
Powerful 5W speaker with surprisingly clear and full range sound. With built in sub-woofer for optimal bass performance. Made out of high quality stainless steel for a great look and feel. With 600...
33,92 EUR
28,50 EUR (fara TVA)
10.000 mAh Solar Powerbank with 10W Wireless Charging Incarcatoare wireless
This 10.000 mAh IPX5 solar fast wireless powerbank is perfect for having power on the go wherever you are on your adventures. The powerbank supports both charging via cable (type C and USB) as via...
51,26 EUR
43,08 EUR (fara TVA)
Reusable 2-ply cotton face mask Echipamente protectie
This 320 g/m2 (2 layers 160g/m2) cotton community/barrier mask is made to fit every face. Wearing this mask avoids your hand touching your mouth and nose. It also reduces the spread of saliva while...
1,07 EUR
0,90 EUR (fara TVA)
900D weekend/sports bag PVC free Genti
This 900D comfortable sized duffle bag is perfect for every active adventure and workout at the gym. It's made from durable polyester fabric and features water resistant coating material to protect...
39,46 EUR
33,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Bamboo desk organiser 5W wireless charger Incarcatoare wireless
The perfect item for on your desk or table! This bamboo desk organiser allows you to keep your desk tidy and charge your phone without any wires. Including 150 cm micro USB cable to connect the...
19,12 EUR
16,07 EUR (fara TVA)
Elle Fashion, Anti-theft backpack Rucsacuri
The Elle Fashion is not just a fashionable backpack; it also protects you from getting pickpocketed. With hidden zippers there is no way of getting into the backpack while being carried. However...
59,83 EUR
50,28 EUR (fara TVA)
5.000 mAh Bamboo X wireless charging powerbank Powerbank - Baterii externe
Keep your phone charged with this eco 5W wireless 5000 mah powerbank. The powerbank comes with 3 charging options: wireless 5W charging, type C in and out (2A) and a regular USB port 2A output for...
47,99 EUR
40,33 EUR (fara TVA)
Ontario 5W wireless charger with pen holder Incarcatoare wireless
Update your desk with this super convenient wireless charger. Made out of ABS and 100% natural bamboo this wireless charger integrates perfectly on your desk or your living room. The wireless charger...
29,90 EUR
25,13 EUR (fara TVA)
USB and 10W wireless charger Incarcatoare wireless
This 2 in 1 charger allows you to charge your mobile both wirelessly (10W) as well as with a cable via USB/USB C output ports. To charge wirelessly simply place your mobile phone on top to start...
45,57 EUR
38,29 EUR (fara TVA)
Wireless charging set Incarcatoare wireless
Luxury gift set including a state of the art dual charging 8000 mah powerbank and a 5W wireless charging pad. The powerbank can charge your phone via the wireless charger. When the powerbank is...
28,45 EUR
23,91 EUR (fara TVA)
Quebec RFID safe passport holder Portofele
This ultra-thin, lightweight and secure RFID safe passport holder is a unique design for travelling. The RFID-blocking material protects against identity theft and electronic pickpocketing. 3 easy...
13,64 EUR
11,46 EUR (fara TVA)
Quebec RFID safe wallet Portofele
This ultra-thin, lightweight and secure RFID safe bi-fold wallet is a unique design which suits everyone. The RFID-blocking material protects against identity theft and electronic pickpocketing. 4...
10,79 EUR
9,07 EUR (fara TVA)
Heritage A5 portfolio with zipper Bucatarie
The Swiss Peak Heritage collection speaks the language of modern elegance. Comes with iconic Italian PU cover with luxury silver zipper. The inside provides a phone stand, gadget holders, business...
26,12 EUR
21,95 EUR (fara TVA)
Pocket cloud wireless storage Altele
No wires or subscriptions with this 16 GB Wireless storage flash drive that allows you to extend the memory of your mobile device wherever you are! How does it work? Each Pocket Cloud creates a...
26,72 EUR
22,45 EUR (fara TVA)
Cloud hub Altele
USB hub with 4 USB 2.0 ports to extend the USB ports of your computer. With integrated cable on the bottom that can be folded out. Registered design®
5,65 EUR
4,75 EUR (fara TVA)
C-Secure RFID card holder & wallet Portofele
This solid aluminium card holder protects your most important cards against electronic pickpocketing. No more broken or bent cards. It can hold up to 7 cards or 5 embossed cards. The side button...
45,97 EUR
38,63 EUR (fara TVA)
X3 pen Pixuri din plastic
Unique ballpoint pen distinguished by its fascinating diamond pattern. Perfect for communicating your brand message. Including ca. 1200m writing length German Dokumental® blue ink refill with TC-ball...
0,47 EUR
0,39 EUR (fara TVA)
Neva water bottle metal 500ml Sticle
Neva is an alternative in the battle against disposable plastic water bottles. Thanks to the 500ml body made in durable 304 stainless steel, Neva can be your everyday bottle. The fabric strap allows...
10,78 EUR
9,06 EUR (fara TVA)
X1 pen Pixuri din plastic
Slim plastic design click action ballpoint pen. Incl. ca. 1200m writing length blue ink refill with TC-ball for ultra smooth writing. Registered design ®.
0,38 EUR
0,32 EUR (fara TVA)
Backpack Rucsacuri
600D and 300D, 3 zipper pockets.
6,77 EUR
5,69 EUR (fara TVA)
2.200 mAh powerbank Powerbank - Baterii externe
Compact and portable ABS powerbank with 2200mAh lithium battery. Output 5V/1A and input 5V/800mA.
3,11 EUR
2,61 EUR (fara TVA)