Pixuri din plastic, XD Design

Kliq pen
Kliq pen Pixuri din plastic
A clip that disappears into the pen and only reappears when you have...
1,63 € (fara taxe)
1,94 € (taxe incluse)
Konekt connected pen set
Konekt connected pen set Pixuri din plastic
Konekt brings an ballpoint pen and a rollerball pen closer together by...
0,80 € (fara taxe)
0,95 € (taxe incluse)
Touch 2-in-1 pen
Touch 2-in-1 pen Pixuri din plastic
Touch 2-in-1 pen combines the function of a touchscreen stylus with a...
2,77 € (fara taxe)
3,30 € (taxe incluse)
Kube 4 in 1 pen
Kube 4 in 1 pen Pixuri din plastic
Kube combines all your daily mobile needs in one stylus pen. The clip is...
1,23 € (fara taxe)
1,46 € (taxe incluse)
Spin stylus pen
Spin stylus pen Pixuri din plastic
Spin is an 360° ergonomic stylus pen with 6 clips so you can attach it...
0,40 € (fara taxe)
0,48 € (taxe incluse)
Point | 01 tech pen - stylus & USB 4GB
Point | 01 tech pen - stylus & USB 4GB Pixuri din plastic
The Point | 01 tech pen is by no means average. This pen has an integrated...
7,96 € (fara taxe)
9,47 € (taxe incluse)