Wallet LEON Portofele
Leather wallet with space for coins, 2 pockets for notes, 6 holes for credit cards and 5 pockets for the documents. Additionally, it has been upgraded with a foil protecting against data theft from...
31,02 EUR
26,07 EUR (fara TVA)
Gift set MARCUS Portofele
Gift set consisting of a wallet, a keychain and a metal ball pen. The wallet is made of eco-leather containing 2 bill compartments, a pouch for coins and additional pockets for e.g. credit cards or...
22,82 EUR
19,18 EUR (fara TVA)
Gift set BORIS Portofele
BORIS is an elegant gift set which includes a business card holder and a keyring. Packed in a stylish black box. The lid of the box is finished with eco-leather in the same colour as the keyring and...
6,39 EUR
5,37 EUR (fara TVA)
Wallet ALEXANDRA Portofele
The wallet made of natural leather. A classic pattern broken with a different colour insert makes the wallet interesting and unique. It has a zip-locked pocket on the outside. The wallet has 5 credit...
19,74 EUR
16,59 EUR (fara TVA)
Gift set CAMERON Portofele
The CAMERON set is made of eco-leather. It consists of a keyring and a document pouch that are packed in a cardboard box. The colour of the box matches the interior of the set, thus creating a...
10,77 EUR
9,05 EUR (fara TVA)
Wallet POLA Portofele
Classic wallet for women with pockets for credit cards and a pocket for change. Available in 4 colour versions. The wallet has a golden plate as ornament or space for product marking. It has a gold...
5,62 EUR
4,72 EUR (fara TVA)