Sport bottle FERRU 550 ml Sticle
Sport bottle with 550 ml capacity, made of stainless steel. Equipped with handy lid that enables you to use it with only one hand. A ""must have"" gadget for every sport enthusiast. Logo can be laser...
8,20 EUR
6,89 EUR (fara TVA)
Sport bottle with carbon filter KIVI 700 ml Sticle
The 700 ml KIVI water bottle has a very convenient retractable mouthpiece with a straw. Its biggest advantage is the interchangeable carbon filter, thanks to which we can fill it even with tap water....
9,68 EUR
8,13 EUR (fara TVA)
Mini perfume bottle LIMA 5 ml Sticle
A mini perfume bottle is a gadget that will be perfect for travel and everyday use. We can easily and quickly fill the bottle with your favorite perfume (or disinfectant). Just put the bottom of the...
2,57 EUR
2,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle with straw TRANCE 700 ml Sticle
The 700 ml TRANCE straw bottle has a very comfortable mouthpiece hidden in the cap. The water bottle has a sporty look and ergonomic shape, which makes it comfortable to hold. Made of PETG.
6,02 EUR
5,06 EUR (fara TVA)
Aluminum bottle ALLUMI 650 ml Sticle
The ALLUMI aluminum bottle is very light and comfortable to use. It is a practical gadget for school, training or a trip. Tight closure allows comfortable use. The cap is made of plastic, with a...
5,57 EUR
4,68 EUR (fara TVA)
Sport bottle BREEZE 500 ml Sticle
A sports bottle with vacuum is a perfect gadget for summer bicycle trips. Thanks to used vacuum isolation the bottle keeps the temperature of either cold or warm liquid. A handy closure attached to...
12,79 EUR
10,75 EUR (fara TVA)
Vacuum bottle TILLI 500 ml Sticle
The TILLI thermal bottle is characterized by an interesting design. The combination of the matte surface of the bottle with bamboo elements makes the bottle look elegant. Thanks to the vacuum between...
15,52 EUR
13,04 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle with fruit container FRUGT 800 ml Sticle
Water bottle with an insert for fruit. Capacity 800 ml. Made of tritan. Packed in a biodegradable bag.
7,56 EUR
6,35 EUR (fara TVA)
Sport bottle SHOT 750 ml Sticle
The SHOT water bottle has a sporty appearance and is equipped with a closure blockade, which helps to ensure the water-tightness of the bottle and protects against accidental spillage of the liquid....
7,41 EUR
6,23 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle REDUCE 500 ml Sticle
The 500 ml bottle REDUCE is made of RPET material. By using it, we consciously restrain from increasing the production of new platic materials. Is an alternative to disposable plastic bottles. The...
4,22 EUR
3,55 EUR (fara TVA)
Bike water bottle BAJK 750 ml Sticle
The BAJK bicycle water bottle with a capacity of 750 ml is a classic in its category. The ergonomic shape of the bottle makes it very comfortable to hold. The possibility of drinking through a...
3,20 EUR
2,69 EUR (fara TVA)
Sport bottle GREY 700 ml Sticle
GREY is a capacious water bottle with a comfortable mouthpiece. The water bottle equipped with an additional handle will be useful for a lover of active recreation. It is distinguished by a colourful...
6,84 EUR
5,75 EUR (fara TVA)
Glass bottle GLASSI 520 ml Sticle
The GLASSI 520 ml bottle is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. It is made of glass, thanks to which it is not only ecological, but also does not change the taste of...
4,67 EUR
3,92 EUR (fara TVA)
Glass bottle VAKO 260 ml Sticle
The VAKO water bottle is made of high quality glass – borosilicate glass. Double walls provide additional insulation and longer period of keeping temperature. A tight seal prevents leaks and a...
8,94 EUR
7,51 EUR (fara TVA)
Travel bottle ELSA 600 ml Sticle
The ELSA thermal bottle is made of stainless steel of a higher standard. It has a vacuum between the walls, thanks to which it keeps the temperature of the drink for about 10 hours. The plastic cap...
16,66 EUR
14,00 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle CLEAR 500 ml Sticle
Practical CLEAR bottle allows to enjoy your favourite beverage on the go. The 500 ml bottle will be perfect for exams at school, travels, going out to the city or fitness classes. CLEAR is equipped...
3,50 EUR
2,94 EUR (fara TVA)
Travel vacuum bottle HOLDEN 500 ml Sticle
The HOLDEN thermal bottle, thanks to the vacuum between the walls, keeps the temperature for approx. 12 hours. It is made of 304 stainless steel. It has a comfortable silicone grip. The cover is made...
15,38 EUR
12,92 EUR (fara TVA)
Hot water bottle LIDO Sticle
The LIDO hot water bottle is perfect for warming up on cool autumn and winter evenings, as well as a compress for tired, aching muscles. It has a soft, very pleasant in touch cover, decorated with a...