Sport bottle FERRU 550 ml Sticle
Sport bottle with 550 ml capacity, made of stainless steel. Equipped with handy lid that enables you to use it with only one hand. A ""must have"" gadget for every sport enthusiast. Logo can be laser...
8,20 EUR
6,89 EUR (fara TVA)
Mini perfume bottle LIMA 5 ml Sticle
A mini perfume bottle is a gadget that will be perfect for travel and everyday use. We can easily and quickly fill the bottle with your favorite perfume (or disinfectant). Just put the bottom of the...
2,57 EUR
2,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Vacuum bottle TILLI 500 ml Sticle
The TILLI thermal bottle is characterized by an interesting design. The combination of the matte surface of the bottle with bamboo elements makes the bottle look elegant. Thanks to the vacuum between...
15,52 EUR
13,04 EUR (fara TVA)
Glass bottle GLASSI 520 ml Sticle
The GLASSI 520 ml bottle is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. It is made of glass, thanks to which it is not only ecological, but also does not change the taste of...
4,67 EUR
3,92 EUR (fara TVA)