Oregon 400 ml water bottle with carabiner Sticle
Staying hydrated at all times is possible with this durable yet lightweight 400 ml aluminium drinking bottle. It is the perfect companion while exercising, on day trips or at the office. The single...
2,48 EUR
2,08 EUR (fara TVA)
HEAT. Thermos bottle 750 mL Sticle
Stainless steel thermos flask with vacuum insulation and volume-capacity of 750 mL. Includes 2 cups. Supplied in a box. ø86 x 310 mm
16,41 EUR
13,79 EUR (fara TVA)
SLATER. Sports bottle 570 mL Sticle
Triangular shaped aluminium sports bottle with PP lid. Capacity up to 570 mL. ø75 x 158 mm
5,12 EUR
4,30 EUR (fara TVA)
RONDE. Travel cup 400 mL Sticle
Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated thermal travel cup. Sliding lid and capacity up to 400 mL. Supplied in a box. 88 x 112 mm
8,45 EUR
7,10 EUR (fara TVA)
KORVER. Sports bottle 650 mL Sticle
Single wall sports bottle in aluminium and AS with lid and handle. *Transport in an upright position. Capacity up to 650 mL. ø66 x 250 mm
6,13 EUR
5,15 EUR (fara TVA)
LANDSCAPE. Sports bottle 400 mL Sticle
Aluminium sports bottle with carabiner. Volume-capacity 400 mL. ø66 x 176 mm
3,34 EUR
2,81 EUR (fara TVA)
SHOW. Thermos bottle 510 mL Sticle
Double wall stainless steel vacuum bottle with screw-on, leak proof lid. Volume-capacity 510 mL. Supplied in a box. ø67 x 255 mm
8,85 EUR
7,44 EUR (fara TVA)
BEANE. Sports bottle 500 mL Sticle
Single wall aluminium sports bottle with stainless steel lid. Capacity up to 500 mL. ø67 x 205 mm
4,69 EUR
3,94 EUR (fara TVA)