Mysa 410 ml double-walled ceramic tumbler Sticle
Cosy double-wall ceramic tumbler with a ceramic lid. Fits under most coffee makers and is microwave safe. Remove silicone gasket on the ceramic lid before placing in the microwave. Dishwasher safe in...
16,69 EUR
14,03 EUR (fara TVA)
Thor 510 ml copper vacuum insulated water bottle Sticle
Durable, double wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, which allows your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and at least 12 hours for hot beverages. The construction also...
15,93 EUR
13,39 EUR (fara TVA)
Guzzle 820 ml water bottle Sticle
The Guzzle is a sleek-designed water bottle with a screw-on lid for easy opening and closing. The single-walled bottle is perfect for very thirsty moments, as it holds no less than 820 ml. The bottle...
6,71 EUR
5,64 EUR (fara TVA)