Glass bottle Klagenfurt Sticle
Glass bottle with 500ml capacity in a matching neoprene pouch with carrying strap and metal lid.
3,06 EUR
2,57 EUR (fara TVA)
Sport bottle FERRU 550 ml Sticle
Sport bottle with 550 ml capacity, made of stainless steel. Equipped with handy lid that enables you to use it with only one hand. A ""must have"" gadget for every sport enthusiast. Logo can be laser...
8,20 EUR
6,89 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle with straw TRANCE 700 ml Sticle
The 700 ml TRANCE straw bottle has a very comfortable mouthpiece hidden in the cap. The water bottle has a sporty look and ergonomic shape, which makes it comfortable to hold. Made of PETG.
6,02 EUR
5,06 EUR (fara TVA)
Aluminum bottle ALLUMI 650 ml Sticle
The ALLUMI aluminum bottle is very light and comfortable to use. It is a practical gadget for school, training or a trip. Tight closure allows comfortable use. The cap is made of plastic, with a...
5,57 EUR
4,68 EUR (fara TVA)
Glass bottle GLASSI 520 ml Sticle
The GLASSI 520 ml bottle is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. It is made of glass, thanks to which it is not only ecological, but also does not change the taste of...
4,67 EUR
3,92 EUR (fara TVA)
Travel bottle ELSA 600 ml Sticle
The ELSA thermal bottle is made of stainless steel of a higher standard. It has a vacuum between the walls, thanks to which it keeps the temperature of the drink for about 10 hours. The plastic cap...
16,66 EUR
14,00 EUR (fara TVA)
Water bottle CLEAR 500 ml Sticle
Practical CLEAR bottle allows to enjoy your favourite beverage on the go. The 500 ml bottle will be perfect for exams at school, travels, going out to the city or fitness classes. CLEAR is equipped...
3,50 EUR
2,94 EUR (fara TVA)
Termos Charlotte Sticle
Termos din aluminiu cu tija de baut si capac de protectie din plastic, capacitate 600ml.
4,13 EUR
3,47 EUR (fara TVA)
Termos Kawasaki Sticle
Ploscă cu perete dublu cu vid din oțel inoxidabil, capac etans si capacitate de 500 ml.
10,07 EUR
8,46 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticla de baut Oslo Sticle
Sticla din otel inoxidabil,capacitate de 300 ml cu capac din lemn.
5,99 EUR
5,03 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticla de baut Sapporo Sticle
Sticla de baut ECO din PET reciclat, capacitate 780 ml.
6,27 EUR
5,27 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticla PET reciclata Mechelen Sticle
Sticla de baut reciclata prevazuta cu carabina metalica pe capac si capacitate de 400 ml.
2,82 EUR
2,37 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticla de baut din RPET, 500ml Sticle
Recipient din PET reciclat, BPA-free, capac din otel inoxidabil, snur pentru incheietura mainii, capacitate 500 ml.
3,19 EUR
2,68 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă din metal Sticle
Bidon din oţel inoxidabil de 600 ml cu închidere practică, igienic dotat cu capac.
4,13 EUR
3,47 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă de băut din Tritan Sticle
Recipient transparent de băut din Tritan cu capac şi capacitate de 800 ml.
6,30 EUR
5,29 EUR (fara TVA)
Recipient de băut din metal cu capac din silicon Sticle
Recipient de băut din aluminiu cu capac din silicon, suport pentru curea şi o capacitate de 600 ml.
4,29 EUR
3,61 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă de băut din plastic Sticle
Recipient de băut din plastic cu finisaj cauciucat în culori moderne. Are capacitate de 550 ml.
5,04 EUR
4,24 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă din aluminiu Sticle
Recipient din aluminiu, cu capacitatea de 500ml, cu carabină.
3,39 EUR
2,85 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă din aluminiu Sticle
Recipient din aluminiu, cu capacitatea de 800ml, cu carabină.
4,52 EUR
3,80 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă sport din tritan Sticle
Sticlă sport din tritan, cu capac închidere antiscurgere, capacitatea de 1l.
11,11 EUR
9,34 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă de băut cu husă neopren Sticle
Recipient de băut din sticlă, cu husă neopren, capac din oțel inoxidabil, mâner și capacitate de 600ml.
6,73 EUR
5,66 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă de 1l cu husă neopren Sticle
Sticlă de băut cu închidere etanșă, husă neopren cu mâner, capacitate 1l.
5,93 EUR
4,98 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă RPET, 500ml Sticle
Flacon din PET reciclat, 500ml, BPA-free, capac din oțel inoxidabil, curea pentru încheietura mâinii.
2,82 EUR
2,37 EUR (fara TVA)
Sticlă de băut, 500 ml Sticle
Recipient de băut din sticlă, cu capac metalic, etanș, capacitate de 500ml.
3,06 EUR
2,57 EUR (fara TVA)