Pen with touch Salt Lake City Pixuri cu touch
Retractable ballpen with touch functions, colored rubberized shaft and blue-writing refill.
0,65 EUR
0,55 EUR (fara TVA)
X3 pen Pixuri din plastic
Unique ballpoint pen distinguished by its fascinating diamond pattern. Perfect for communicating your brand message. Including ca. 1200m writing length German Dokumental® blue ink refill with TC-ball...
0,47 EUR
0,39 EUR (fara TVA)
X1 pen Pixuri din plastic
Slim plastic design click action ballpoint pen. Incl. ca. 1200m writing length blue ink refill with TC-ball for ultra smooth writing. Registered design ®.
0,38 EUR
0,32 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Brügge Pixuri din plastic
Translucent ballpoint pen in several colors with white clip.
0,15 EUR
0,13 EUR (fara TVA)
4in1 ball pen Neapel Multifunctionale
Plastic ballpen with 4 colored writing mines (blue, black, red, and green).
0,60 EUR
0,50 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Jekaterinburg Pixuri din plastic
Slim plastic ballpen with blue-writing plastic refill and rubberized grip zone.
0,26 EUR
0,22 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Justany Pixuri din plastic
White plastic ballpen with colored accents and blue-writing plastic refill.
0,26 EUR
0,22 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Epping Pixuri din plastic
Metallic looking plastic ballpen with large capacity refill and push function.
0,43 EUR
0,36 EUR (fara TVA)
LED Ballpen World Pixuri din plastic
Plastic ballpen with touch feature and with built in LED to light up your logo. The item contains blue writing large refill.
0,87 EUR
0,73 EUR (fara TVA)
Wooden ball pen touch Erfurt Pixuri cu touch
Eco ballpen made of olive wood, with touch function and blue writing refill.
3,76 EUR
3,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Cardboard ball pen Blackpool Pixuri din plastic
ECO ballpen made of recycled cardboard with silver applications and blue writing refill.
0,23 EUR
0,19 EUR (fara TVA)
Wheatstraw ball pen Pramort Pixuri din plastic
Elegant ballpen in ecological wheatstraw with silver applications, decorative rings, and blue writing refill.
0,37 EUR
0,31 EUR (fara TVA)
Cork ball pen Kingswood Pixuri ecologice
Retractable ballpen with cork barrel and elegant silver applications, with blue writing refill.
0,50 EUR
0,42 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Venlo Pixuri din plastic
Plastic ballpen with stylish clip and blue writing refill.
0,15 EUR
0,13 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Helsingborg Pixuri din plastic
Plastic ballpen with nice metal clip and blue writing refill.
0,21 EUR
0,18 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Big Brother Pixuri din plastic
Plastic ballpen with blue and black writing refills.
0,19 EUR
0,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Kramerhof Pixuri din plastic
Plastic retractable ballpen with gold metallic effect, blue writing refill and metal clip.
0,31 EUR
0,26 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Florenz Pixuri din plastic
Stylish aluminum ballpen with rubberized grip zone.
0,39 EUR
0,33 EUR (fara TVA)
Velvet pouch "Esprit" Pixuri din plastic
Present your pen in style and luxury!. The velvet pouch provides space for 1 pen. We recommend a delivery without imprint - but if you wish one, we would recommend pad printing in silver.
0,14 EUR
0,12 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Neves Pixuri din plastic
Blue-writing ballpen made of plastic with different colored "finger pointer" clips.
0,20 EUR
0,17 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Saragossa Pixuri din plastic
Simple, classic plastic ballpen with blue writing refill. You can choose between different clips colors.
0,19 EUR
0,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Stratford Pixuri din plastic
Plastic retractable ballpen with smiley clip, blue writing refill.
0,19 EUR
0,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Ball pen Duiven Pixuri din plastic
Plastic ballpen with blue writing refill and design clip.
0,19 EUR
0,16 EUR (fara TVA)
Ballpen Barry Pixuri din plastic
Ballpoint pen with light and spinning function.
0,65 EUR
0,55 EUR (fara TVA)