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Earphones Audio
High-quality bluetooth headset with metal plates on the earcups, ideal for...
20,48 € (fara taxe)
24,37 € (taxe incluse)
Headphones Audio
Headphones with Bluetooth version 4.0, with collapsible ear cups and...
15,61 € (fara taxe)
18,57 € (taxe incluse)
Wireless bluetooth speaker
Wireless bluetooth speaker Audio
Bluetooth speaker with USB connection and radio. Connect your phone or...
7,14 € (fara taxe)
8,50 € (taxe incluse)
power bank 10.000 mAH
power bank 10.000 mAH Powerbank - Baterii externe
Power bank with a capacity of 10.000 mAH, USB charging cable and digital...
17,63 € (fara taxe)
20,98 € (taxe incluse)
Mobile phone holder Cross
Mobile phone holder Cross Altele
Universal mobile phone holder made of bendable metal with protective...
2,07 € (fara taxe)
2,46 € (taxe incluse)
Powerbank and speakers in one
Powerbank and speakers in one Powerbank - Baterii externe
Powerbank with 2.200 mAh capacity and integrated speaker for smartphones....
8,22 € (fara taxe)
9,78 € (taxe incluse)
2200 mAh Powerbank with case
2200 mAh Powerbank with case Powerbank - Baterii externe
Plastic powerbank with 2200 mAh capacity, USB port, and charging cable in...
4,59 € (fara taxe)
5,46 € (taxe incluse)
Wireless charger for the car
Wireless charger for the car Incarcatoare wireless
Wireless charger for the car, which also works as a mobile phone holder....
11,07 € (fara taxe)
13,17 € (taxe incluse)
Wireless charger
Wireless charger Incarcatoare wireless
Wireless charger with height-adjustable phone holder for all QI-enabled...
7,46 € (fara taxe)
8,88 € (taxe incluse)
Power bank 10.000 mAh
Power bank 10.000 mAh Powerbank - Baterii externe
Power bank in plastic with 10.000 mAh capacity, charging cable, and...
16,85 € (fara taxe)
20,05 € (taxe incluse)
Folder with power bank
Folder with power bank Powerbank - Baterii externe
Synthetic leather folder with integrated power bank (5.000 mAh), USB...
43,94 € (fara taxe)
52,29 € (taxe incluse)
Ferraghini watch Centurio
Ferraghini watch Centurio Smartwatch-uri si Bratari fitness
CENTURIO - Italian sportive design paired with Swiss precision. This Swiss...
324,76 € (fara taxe)
386,46 € (taxe incluse)
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