Unelte, Blue Collection

Flashlight with magnet ITI
Flashlight with magnet ITI Unelte
An amazing gadget with many applications. Whole product is made of steel,...
7,41 EUR (fara taxe)
8,82 EUR (taxe incluse)
Headlamp MINE
Headlamp MINE Unelte
Practical headlamp with strong 1W led. Equipped with a flexible, durable...
8,49 EUR (fara taxe)
10,10 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tool set ETI
Tool set ETI Unelte
The ETI multi-tool set hides its functionalities inside of a torch. Inside...
21,01 EUR (fara taxe)
25,00 EUR (taxe incluse)
Keychain-flashlight RAISO
Keychain-flashlight RAISO Unelte
An aluminium keyring with RAISO torch in three colour versions is an...
1,38 EUR (fara taxe)
1,64 EUR (taxe incluse)
Mini knife NIFE
Mini knife NIFE Unelte
NIFE is a small, retractable knife that can be used to open parcels,...
0,34 EUR (fara taxe)
0,40 EUR (taxe incluse)
Gift set TOOL
Gift set TOOL Unelte
TOOL is a kit composed of a multi-purpose tool and a tool pendant. The...
16,58 EUR (fara taxe)
19,73 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool FOREST
Multitool FOREST Unelte
The FOREST multi-purpose tool is a pocket-size gadget with a wooden...
10,48 EUR (fara taxe)
12,47 EUR (taxe incluse)
Sport lamp RUBBY
Sport lamp RUBBY Unelte
The RUBBY light is a unique gadget for travellers and sportspeople. Its...
3,23 EUR (fara taxe)
3,84 EUR (taxe incluse)
COB flashlight TORCO
COB flashlight TORCO Unelte
TORCO is a comfortable and robust flash light with six light modes:...
9,79 EUR (fara taxe)
11,65 EUR (taxe incluse)
Bike light set AZER
Bike light set AZER Unelte
AZER is a set of bicycle lamps with an economical LED light source....
6,33 EUR (fara taxe)
7,53 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool INGE
Multitool INGE Unelte
INGE will always be at hand thanks to a convenient snap hook. This is an...
14,71 EUR (fara taxe)
17,51 EUR (taxe incluse)
Traveling set TINKER
Traveling set TINKER Unelte
Gift set including a flashlight and a multitool. The flashlight has a very...
26,02 EUR (fara taxe)
30,96 EUR (taxe incluse)
Traveling set TRAVELER
Traveling set TRAVELER Unelte
Gift set including a flashlight, a multitool and a compass. The flashlight...
28,45 EUR (fara taxe)
33,85 EUR (taxe incluse)
Padlock ADO
Padlock ADO Unelte
ADO is a highly practical padlock which will be great for closing a...
2,93 EUR (fara taxe)
3,49 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tool set MANIT
Tool set MANIT Unelte
This well equipped tool set is a must for every handyman, We will...
8,27 EUR (fara taxe)
9,84 EUR (taxe incluse)
Pocket knife SLASH
Pocket knife SLASH Unelte
Metal pocketknife, 9 functions.
3,10 EUR (fara taxe)
3,69 EUR (taxe incluse)
LED flashlight with a magnet CLIPSY
LED flashlight with a magnet CLIPSY Unelte
CLIPSY is a very practical LED lamp that can be easily attached to various...
2,27 EUR (fara taxe)
2,70 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight NAIT
Flashlight NAIT Unelte
Big metal flash light with 17 LED diodes, hand strap. There is a space for...
8,76 EUR (fara taxe)
10,43 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tool set PRECI
Tool set PRECI Unelte
This practical and compact set of precision tools is necessary for repairs...
11,35 EUR (fara taxe)
13,51 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool CRAV
Multitool CRAV Unelte
CRAV multifunctional tool is a very compact tool with interesting patterns...
10,13 EUR (fara taxe)
12,06 EUR (taxe incluse)
Foldable knife KLINGO
Foldable knife KLINGO Unelte
KLINGO foldable knife is a solution in any situation when a knife is...
2,83 EUR (fara taxe)
3,37 EUR (taxe incluse)
Solar bike light SUFFI
Solar bike light SUFFI Unelte
SUFFI is a bicycle lamp that represents ecological solutions. Equipped...
4,67 EUR (fara taxe)
5,56 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool LEVER
Multitool LEVER Unelte
LEVER is a real innovation among multitools - pliers in size of pocket...
13,24 EUR (fara taxe)
15,76 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool BRUSH
Multitool BRUSH Unelte
A mutitool with hands made of brushed steel is a reliable and practical...
13,00 EUR (fara taxe)
15,47 EUR (taxe incluse)
Pocket knife SPLINTER
Pocket knife SPLINTER Unelte
A pocket knife with wood-finished handle - unique character combined with...
5,72 EUR (fara taxe)
6,81 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool HAMER
Multitool HAMER Unelte
HAMMER is a novelty among multitools - a regular pliers with shape and...
16,36 EUR (fara taxe)
19,47 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight BEAM
Flashlight BEAM Unelte
BEAM flashlight is a mix of claasic design and high quality. It's a handy...
1,87 EUR (fara taxe)
2,23 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight HANDY
Flashlight HANDY Unelte
Handy, multifunctional flashlight, useful in every condition. It is...
3,31 EUR (fara taxe)
3,94 EUR (taxe incluse)
Headlamp HORUS
Headlamp HORUS Unelte
Very practical head light with 8 leds. It has strong and durable elastic...
4,21 EUR (fara taxe)
5,01 EUR (taxe incluse)
Bike light COUTI rear (Red LED)
Bike light COUTI rear (Red LED) Unelte
Practical bike light with 2 LEDs and a silicone bike mount. Rear light...
2,23 EUR (fara taxe)
2,65 EUR (taxe incluse)
Bike light COUTI front (White LED)
Bike light COUTI front (White LED) Unelte
Practical bike light with 2 LEDs and a silicone bike mount. Front light...
2,23 EUR (fara taxe)
2,65 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight IVA
Flashlight IVA Unelte
Multifunctional camp light. Retracted can be used as traditional...
7,55 EUR (fara taxe)
8,98 EUR (taxe incluse)
Keychain - tape measure MISU 1 m
Keychain - tape measure MISU 1 m Unelte
Keychain with a 1m long tape measure.
0,78 EUR (fara taxe)
0,93 EUR (taxe incluse)
Car tool set BILL
Car tool set BILL Unelte
Car tools set packed in polyester bag which due to it shape can be used as...
26,27 EUR (fara taxe)
31,26 EUR (taxe incluse)
Screwdriver set SCREW
Screwdriver set SCREW Unelte
Screwdrivers set which contains 8 different endings. Clip enables to hang...
2,25 EUR (fara taxe)
2,68 EUR (taxe incluse)
Keychain-flashlight ROTOR
Keychain-flashlight ROTOR Unelte
Very practical keychain with flashlight which after spreading apart...
1,78 EUR (fara taxe)
2,12 EUR (taxe incluse)
Keychain-flashlight OVAL
Keychain-flashlight OVAL Unelte
Practical, small flash light with a keychain. Made from aluminium. Logo...
1,51 EUR (fara taxe)
1,80 EUR (taxe incluse)
Telescopic flashlight TIRION
Telescopic flashlight TIRION Unelte
LED flash light with 6 diodes and a magnet placed at the telescopic arm....
8,42 EUR (fara taxe)
10,02 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure KOVI 2 m
Tape measure KOVI 2 m Unelte
Practical tape measurer 2 m long with small size which will fit every...
3,18 EUR (fara taxe)
3,79 EUR (taxe incluse)
Bicycle tool set ILOY
Bicycle tool set ILOY Unelte
Must have for every cyclist – set of all necessary tools: screwdrivers,...
10,77 EUR (fara taxe)
12,82 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight RAY
Flashlight RAY Unelte
Metal flash light with 9 LED diodes. Logo will be engarved.
2,12 EUR (fara taxe)
2,52 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool NITA
Multitool NITA Unelte
Mini multi function metal tool with metal handles and small flash light....
9,68 EUR (fara taxe)
11,52 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool BEAR
Multitool BEAR Unelte
Multi function metal tool with metal handles. Packed into a sackcloth...
13,64 EUR (fara taxe)
16,23 EUR (taxe incluse)
Car flashlight EMERGENCY
Car flashlight EMERGENCY Unelte
Flash light with 5 LEDs and 8 LEDs in the handle in red and white colour....
10,18 EUR (fara taxe)
12,11 EUR (taxe incluse)
Keychain LEVEL
Keychain LEVEL Unelte
Keychain with mini level hanger. Logo will be printed.
0,71 EUR (fara taxe)
0,85 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure CENTA 3 m
Tape measure CENTA 3 m Unelte
Tape measure 3 m long with drop lock. Case made from plastic and rubber...
1,94 EUR (fara taxe)
2,31 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure CENTA 5 m
Tape measure CENTA 5 m Unelte
Tape measure 5m long. The casing is made of rubber and plastic.
3,10 EUR (fara taxe)
3,69 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tool set BRIK
Tool set BRIK Unelte
Professional keys and screwdrivers set in a metal case with a zip closure.
6,55 EUR (fara taxe)
7,79 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool GATO
Multitool GATO Unelte
Multi function tool made of metal, consists of pliers, 2 inch (5 cm) ruler,...
10,11 EUR (fara taxe)
12,03 EUR (taxe incluse)
Spoke caps PINNO
Spoke caps PINNO Unelte
Reflective frontends for bicicle spokes will enhance visibility of every...
4,03 EUR (fara taxe)
4,79 EUR (taxe incluse)
Led flashing tag WINK
Led flashing tag WINK Unelte
LED red flashing tag with a diameter 66 mm. It has 2 modes of shining –...
1,29 EUR (fara taxe)
1,53 EUR (taxe incluse)
Jump starter MAST 6000 mAh
Jump starter MAST 6000 mAh Unelte
Start your car with a power bank! Jump starter is a classic 6000 mAh power...
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Tool set KEEPER
Tool set KEEPER Unelte
A convenient set with the most essential tools for every handyman. The...
14,62 EUR (fara taxe)
17,40 EUR (taxe incluse)
Mini multitool HOKO
Mini multitool HOKO Unelte
The pocket multifunction tool is a very practical gadget equipped with the...
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COB flashlight TORO
COB flashlight TORO Unelte
A torch with four LEDs, including two main COB LEDs, which are...
18,88 EUR (fara taxe)
22,47 EUR (taxe incluse)
Magnetic tool wrist band HIMAN
Magnetic tool wrist band HIMAN Unelte
Arm/wristband with three magnets perfect for houseworks and DIY. The...
7,37 EUR (fara taxe)
8,77 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure FEM 3 m
Tape measure FEM 3 m Unelte
An elegant 3 m long aluminium measuring tape. It has an automatic lock and...
5,97 EUR (fara taxe)
7,10 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure MITA 3 m
Tape measure MITA 3 m Unelte
A 3 m (10 ft) triangle-shaped measuring tape with a rubber finish for a...
2,80 EUR (fara taxe)
3,33 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure MITA 5 m
Tape measure MITA 5 m Unelte
A 5 m (16 ft) triangle-shaped measuring tape with a rubber finish for a...
4,27 EUR (fara taxe)
5,08 EUR (taxe incluse)
Flashlight LUPER
Flashlight LUPER Unelte
A powerful torch will help you find lost items in the dark or illuminate...
3,66 EUR (fara taxe)
4,35 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool CLAVIS
Multitool CLAVIS Unelte
This is a must-have tool for every DIY enthusiast worth having with you in...
15,66 EUR (fara taxe)
18,64 EUR (taxe incluse)
Multitool ESCAPE
Multitool ESCAPE Unelte
ESCAPE is a must for every car and it always comes in handy. It has 11...
20,64 EUR (fara taxe)
24,56 EUR (taxe incluse)
Key organizer KEYO
Key organizer KEYO Unelte
This gadget helps to perfectly organise and cleverly pack the keys to the...
3,65 EUR (fara taxe)
4,34 EUR (taxe incluse)
Pen box E2
Pen box E2 Unelte
Plastic pen box for 1pc of writing instrument. Suitable for ball pens with...
1,22 EUR (fara taxe)
1,45 EUR (taxe incluse)
Tape measure TAJLO 1,5 m
Tape measure TAJLO 1,5 m Unelte
The light and elegant TAJLO measuring tape is made of eco-leather and has...
4,23 EUR (fara taxe)
5,03 EUR (taxe incluse)